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language exhange (facebook)

Through Conversation Exchange you can have three types of language exchange: face to face conversation by meeting up with native speakers, Correspondence (pen-pal), text and voice chat

Language Exchange Community (

Practice foreign languages with native speakers in our language exchange community using Skype, email message or audio/video chat

Practice and learn foreign languages with native speakers via email, text chat or voice chat. We show you how. Over 1 million registered members!

Polyglot Club

Official Website - Find a friend to exchange languages! Learn a foreign language: online and offline language exchange, educational resources. Community of teachers and students from all around the world. Register for free and find a native speaker.

Find language exchange partner. Practice and learn foreign languages with native speakers abroad, via email, chat IT'S FREE

Language Community to find a partner anywhere in the world to exchange language online or connect with someone in your city to meet for a free language exchange. Best way to learn and practice a language.

italki is a language learning social network that connects students and language teachers. You can find language exchange partners, practice speaking a foreign language, ask questions, find free online language resources, and get help from an international community of language learners.

The Mixxer (

Language Exchange for Everyone:

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