Social Psychology

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Paying attention to the role played by expectations in supporting social norms has helped differentiate between social norms, conventions, and descriptive norms ... [source]


We humans are first of all beings in a situation ... We cannot be distinguished from our situations, for they form us and decide our possibilities [Jean-Paul Sartre]

Coursera "Social Psychology"course
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Week 1: Social Perceptions and Misperceptions

Social psychology (Wikipedia)



Book "Social Psychology" by David Myers
The Scientific Pursuit of Happiness - Dr. David G. Myers.mp4

Social sense video library

How David Myers Became a Social Psychologist (video)

Online learning center

What is social psychology

Social psychology is the scientific study of social thinking, social influence, and social relations

Social sense

Sending and receiving between human beings

  • what and how much one wishes to receive
  • what and how much one is ready to send
  • Perception of sending and receiving
  • compatibility between sending and receiving expectations between persons

The Bystander Effect

Knowledge of Social Influence Forces

Asch Conformity Experiment

conformity videos

SPN Mission

Social Psychology Network's main mission is to promote peace, social justice, and sustainable living through public education, research, and the advancement of psychology. 

Dangerous Conformity

Obedience - Marry a Stranger

Social strategies

Everybody trying the obtain the maximun while giving the minimum, with minimum effort and minimum responsibility

Social Psychology Links by Subtopic

Social Norms (SEP)

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