My vision of the world future

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information will be more 2-way interactive

humanist psychology will prevail

new psychology schools will emerge, more eclectic

psychology will be taught early in schools

Medicine will progress, espacially as regards stem cells and genetics

Capitalism will be more moderated by states

ci sarà una guerra tra musulmani e non musulmani

Differences between rich and poor countries will decrease

I computer saranno ancora più piccoli e portatili

Si lavorerà di meno e ci sarà più tempo libero

Democracy will be based on the web

All the people will become web editors and publishers

United States of Europe will be founded

Friendship will be established mainly on social networks

Online Tutoring will expand

Education will be based on web more and more

A new religion will be founded based on rational ethics

la crittografia sarà perfezionata per consentire a ognuno di convervare sul web i propri dati senza rischi

OGM will improve e be used more and more

Ognuno avrà tutti i suoi dati sul web

crime will remain

Cars will all be electric then nuclear

A means of conserving electric energy will be invented

Environmental problems will persist

Genetics and neuroscience will progress

Homosexuality will be respected

prostitution and pornography will be regulated and accepted as normal

Il web dominerà la società


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