The Revolution of Hope (libro di Erich Fromm)

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Our social pattern is such that the successful man is not supposed to be afraid or bored or lonely. He must find this world the best of all worlds; in order to have the best chance for promotion he must repress fear as well as doubt, depression, boredom, or hopelessness.

 When hope has gone, life has ended, actually or ptentially.

Faith that others can change is the outcome of the experience that I can change.

Fortitude is the capacity to say "no" when the world wants to hear "yes".

As long as everybody else whistles, such people whistle too, and instead of feeling their hopelessness, they seem to participate in a kind of pop concert. They reduce their demands to what they can get and do not even dream of that which seems to be out of their reach. They are well-adjusted members of the herd and they never feel hopeless because nobody else seems to feel hopeless. They present the picture of a peculiar kind of resigned optimism which we see in so many members of contemporary Western society--the optimism usually being conscious and the resignation unconscious.



Termini chiave
Toward a humanized technology



human nature


human well-being

humanization of technology

idolatry of "Future"

passive waiting

character structure

activeness vs. busyness






Shattering of hope

hardening of the heart

Man as helpless cog in a completetly mechanized society

Putting technique in the service of man's well-being

Forces that support the status quo

cambiare recuparando il meglio del nostro passato sociale

alternative alla disumanizzazione

human character structure, qualities and potentialities

contemporary social, political e and economic problems

the system "Man"

interconnetions between psychology, sociology and politics

mechanized society devoted to maximum material output and consumption directed by computers

disappearance of individualism and privacy

psychologial conditioning

exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and contro reason

losing control over our own "system"

passiveness engendered by our exclusion from responsible decision making

concentration on technique and material consumption

loss of capacity for deep emotional experiences, joy and sadness

do strong organizations require passive individuals?

average citizens do not see the dangers of the megamachine

disturbances in the system Man produce imbalances in the whole social system

the consumer's paradise does not deliver the happines it promised

attraction to force, law and order

polarization between conformists and creative people

combining social change with personal change

human nature vs. socioeconomic system

hope's object should be a fuller life, not more consumption

Marcuse alienated intellectual unrealistic, naive, without hope

hope is being ready for the new

unconscious repression of fear, hopelessness, greed

conscious and unconscious hope and hopelessness

arts are better than words for describing human experience

many people are passive in spite of their busyness

many people need to be prompted, turned on, temped, seduced

people try to escape the anxiety that is aroused when they are confronted with themselves

la speranza รจ collegata coi bisogni umani

faith is the awareness of pregnancy, the conviction of the not yet proven

faih is the vision of the present in a state of pregnancy

rational and irrational faith

faith in oneself

Hope is the mood that accompanies faith

Fortitude is the capacity to say "no" when the world wants to hear "yes".

Hope and Faith transcend the status quo individually and socially

resurrection is the transofrmation of this reality in the direction of greater aliveness

Loss of compassion and empathy

destructiveness and violence as result of shattering of hope

hate of life by persons with shattered hope

avenging oneself for unlived life

destructiveness is the alternative to hope

most of us are not aware of what we feel

examination of new alternatives and options, and concerted actions to bring about the realization of these new alternatives

Pubblicato nel 1968

libri precedenti che hanno influenzato quello presente

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